5 Tips For Your First Red-Eye Transatlantic Flight

published: Sep, 21, 2023

by: guestposts

Traveling across the Atlantic for the first time can either be exciting or dreadful, depending on how much you enjoy aviation. However, in a post-pandemic world where Europe and North America are incredibly connected, and more people are traveling across the Atlantic than ever before, it is paramount to do as much as possible to make the experience comfortable. Here are five tips for your first red-eye transatlantic flight.

Adjust and get ready to sleep

On the day of your transatlantic flight, it is a good idea to be aware of the timezone you will be arriving in, as this will allow you to plan your naps during the flight effectively. Sleeping for even just a few hours during the flight will undoubtedly help you land refreshed for the day ahead. Most red-eye transatlantic flights depart in the evening and land the following morning in Europe.

Furthermore, it is essential to determine what time your flight is landing. Most red-eye flights will land early in the morning (or sometimes the afternoon, depending on the destination), so maximizing sleep close to arrival is vital. Passengers who sleep well on planes should try to sleep right after the dinner service, but if you struggle to fall asleep, it would be wise to do what you can to get some shut-eye by the halfway point.

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