How A Flight Attendant Describes An Airport: A Place Of Conflicting Emotions

published: Sep, 20, 2023

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Do you still remember that day at the airport when you were saying Goodbye to family and friends as you fly off to a new city to start your flying career? Remember being just as sad as you were anxious and excited?

Read on as a flight attendant shares her story about those mixed emotions and how she started seeing passengers (and airports) a little differently.

 A Flight Attendant Describes An Airport

On that day, the small airport of my hometown witnessed something magical; my dream has come true. I was going to start my career as a flight attendant for Emirates.

This wasn’t the first time I left my home. I’ve been away a few times in the past and my parents always saw me off at the airport.

But this time it felt different. A painful dismal sentiment filled the expanse of Delhi airport.

I managed to force a smile for a last photo with my family before I left for the boarding gate.

However, I could not hold back my tears any longer. The feeling of separation, no matter how temporary, was just overwhelming. I broke down and cried.

This emotional experience taught me something so valuable that I carry with me every time I put on my uniform. I got to see the other side of my passengers’ story.

For example, whenever I see passengers getting irritated because of a delay, I also picture someone waiting for them desperately at an airport somewhere.

When I see someone complaining about leg space, I see the sacrifice they made behind buying that seat to fly back home.

When I see a passenger giving that ‘I don’t care attitude’ to everyone around, I see someone who missed a good night sleep before the flight.

Every time I walk in an airport, I see people clicking pictures happily and excitingly. I see people hugging and kissing. But I also see people crying, people scared and people just waiting.

It is said that:

As the walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches, airports have seen more sincere kisses than wedding halls. 

Airports are a place of conflicting emotions. I can feel them strongly. I’m sure you’ve felt them too.

We live in a time where people with emotions are labeled as weak and foolish. Frankly, I would rather be with those honest souls than with fake and emotionless bunch of so-called humans.

You probably think I’m just new and naive but let me say that I’m currently and happily on my sixth year of flying.

This article was submitted by Jayshree Das who is currently a flight attendant for Emirates. 

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