Expert explained why the Boeing 737-800 went down in a large corner in Rostov-on-Don (NEW VIDEO)

published: Sep, 20, 2023

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The most common reason for breaking the Boeing 737-800 airline FlyDubai flight FZ-981 in Rostov-on-Don is extremely serious mistake of the pilot. This is the opinion of an expert on aircraft accidents Yuri Antipov, quoted LifeNews. As proof, he shows a fall of avionott high angles. They are seen as the plane moves to the runway in configuration, which is obviously not for landing. The angle of cut relative to the ground is not less than 45 degrees. This shows that bad weather is the cause. It is rough or piloting error, or some very large manipulation during fuel consumption of the aircraft for which technical malfunction occurred. But an angle of 45 degrees to a practice, and “drill style” plane landing, but crashes in the country, explains the expert.

62 killed in plane crash in Russia Fly Dubai

Pilot in the cockpit is not alone and therefore any force majeure associated with the technical condition of the aircraft, immediately reacted and in parallel with the entry into the black box. Nothing like the pilots still gone, so it is a technical fault shortly before landing. So I think it is most likely the most serious mistake of the pilot during landing recirculation adds strategist aviation accidents.

There has been no explanation why the pilot took the opportunity to land at the nearest airport in Krasnodar where Weather Operations were normal. In front of him he did the crew of the aircraft to Aeroflot flight SU1166 who three times tried to land in Rostov-on-Don, but instead, landed in Krasnodar, informed Another evening in Rostov on Don was announced a storm warning. At the time of the accident the wind speed is 22 m / s Duvalo lower limit of the cloud was 540 meters and horizontal visibility – 6 km.

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